Letter From the Director

Our Tenth Anniversary

December 6, 2016

Members and Friends

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Foundation of International Freedom (“FoIF”) as a Texas non-profit corporation. The concept of forming a new educational organization dedicated to the protection of core Western values, a field replete with many established “think tanks’ with similar objectives, arose from my long interest in foreign affairs. I also received encouragement from respected mentors stating there is always a need for additional voices raised in defense of our common values.

In July 2006, with some time on my hands, I wrote a paper entitled “Simple Solutions for Complex Problems”,[1] a semi-serious commentary on the major international issues confronting the United States and other free countries. It concluded that there was a need for a new organization exclusively comprised of free countries to decrease the role of the United Nations whose membership is predominantly authoritarian countries generally antithetical to our interests. On re-reading this paper I find that few of the challenges set forth have effectively been addressed.

Accordingly, at the suggestion of our Directors, during this anniversary year we propose to re-examine each of the challenges that were discussed in that ten year old document to examine what progress, if any, has been made and to offer our analysis and suggestions as to what needs to be done to protect our core values, the mission of the Foundation.

As always, the input from our membership and friends is always welcomed.

With best wishes for the coming year.


Byron Kahrs Varme
Executive Director

[1] See: www.intlfreedom.org/commentary/archives/2006