About the Foundation of International Freedom


The Foundation was organized as a Texas non-profit corporation on December 8, 2006. Our address is 5861 Sugar Hill Drive, Houston, TX 77557-2306, Telephone and Fax: 713-787-5095, and e-mail intlfreedom@att.net. The Foundation of International Freedom is a recognized charitable organization and is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, the Foundation is qualified to receive tax deductible contributions from individuals and other philanthropic organizations.

Political Position

As a tax-exempt non-profit organization governed by Section 501(3)( c) the Foundation of International Freedom is prohibited as an institution from political activity. Therefore, FOIF does not participate in the campaigns for candidates for public office nor does it support or endorse any specific candidates or parties.


The primary functions of the Foundation are research, analysis, and dissemination of policy positions to members, prospective members, and organizations and influential individuals. In addition to this web site, the Foundation utilizes the social media sites, primarily Facebook and LinkedIn, to publish its position papers and it belongs to a number of member groups with similar interests. The Foundation also subscribes to Strafor, the excellent geopolitical intelligence service founded by Dr. George Friedman. It periodically distributes copies of articles pertaining to subjects of interest to our members. Essentially, FoIF is an educational organization. It is always interested in establishing relationships with other groups with which share its values. The Foundation will seek contributions from other institutions and individual donors with compatible objectives. Registered Domain Names: Social Networks

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