From The Director

In 2016 the Foundation For International Freedom celebrated its tenth anniversary. In 2006 I wrote a treatise on the major international problems of the day and proposed actions which could be taken to address these issues. Our Founding Directors decided a new “think tank” could provide a venue to further these discussions and on November 8th we organized the Foundation For International Freedom.

As a result of my experience in the Middle East, I decided the initial focus of the Foundation would be on the events in that area. During the 1970’s the area was relatively peaceful but threat of Islamic terrorism became severe, culminating in the attacks of 9/11, 2003. The subsequent years have been an historic period in which the United States, together with coalitions of many free countries, became involved in a series of conflicts in the area, culminating with the disaster in Syria which continues to this day.

Although this history has been a great tragedy, the Middle East is no longer the largest danger facing our civilization. We face this dubious honor now belongs to North Korea. In August 1955, one year after the end of the Korean War, I served on an aircraft carrier patrolling offshore Korea and the Formosa Straits. Since that time under three generations of harsh rule by the Kim family, the DPRK has developed an arsenal of nuclear warheads and an effective long range ballistic missile delivery system. The next focus of our next Commentaries will be on this area. We look forward to your comments and participation in our programs.

Byron K. Varme
Executive Director