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Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation for International Freedom (FIF) is to preserve and expand the core values of Western civilization. These values were set forth in the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, enacted by the Founding Fathers to protect the inherent rights of individuals against encroachment by their government.

The Revolutionary War was fought to gain these rights, but the fight for freedom is not over. Authoritarian governments around the world seek to retain and expand their powers while claiming that their kleptocratic rule benefits their people.

The United States has fought in two major wars to protect freedoms from tyranny and now, following the seventy-year period called Pax Americana, the Ukrainian people are fighting against a barbaric invasion by Russia to maintain their right to self-government. They deserve the support of all freedom-loving people.

Protecting our Freedoms Then

USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere

August 19, 1812

Protecting our Freedoms Now

Block V Virginia Class Submarine