The Crescent Moon on Canterbury

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Demographic trends predict that the replacement of the Christian cross with the Islamic crescent moon is not as far fetched an event as it might appear today. Already many churches with declining congregations have been sold to Muslims and converted into mosques.

Although the conversion to alternate forms of energy from hydrocarbon fuels is occurring, this process will take many years. As the worldwide demand for oil and gas increases reserves will eventually decline and these commodities will become increasingly more valuable.

Since the majority of the world reserves are in the Islamic countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, their hydrocarbon sales will generate massive funds controlled by Muslims who are using them with great effect to spread Islam.

Traditional Islam does not tolerate other religions, and communities of new Muslim immigrants cluster together around their mosques, often under the control of Wahhabi clerics. Accordingly, these new citizens don’t integrate well into the established Western cultures. Because our democracies elect leaders representing the majority of their constituents, these communities gain political power. As shown in Venezuela and Russia, democracies are fragile institutions which can be taken over by charismatic individuals intent on accretion of power and then destroying the institutions intended to protect diversity. Is this sedition?

Byron K. Varme
Executive Director